What can I do with Volvo VIDA cracked?

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

The cracked version of VIDA/DiCE will not allow you to download software to the car.

Cracked VIDA/DiCE will allow you to do some tweaks to the car, such as:
Adjusting seat heater temps
DRL settings
Interior light delay times
Exterior light delay times
Window calibrations
SUM calibrations
and bunch of other small things

You can not adjust boost settings or fuel mixtures or shift points. Its mostly a diagnostic tool and helps in fixing sh*t that’s wrong with the car. If there is a code present VIDA/DiCE will walk you through the trouble shooting asking you questions about what’s wrong.

My VIDA/DiCE tool has already paid for itself in helping me fix my ’01 XC, so if you plan on keeping your car and are a DIYer, having the DiCE tool is handy.


I use the link for VIDA/DiCE. Hope it’s helpful.



On a side note: Bluetooth is generally no longer supported by the Chinese hardware. That is effectively the only difference between these and the official units.