Renault Renolink 1.81 images + released notes

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Renolink 1.81 images:

Renolink 1.81 released notes:

04.06.2019 v1.81

Added secured keys programming for Fluence

23.05.2019 v1.80

Added read/write eeprom,flash,clear immo and immo status read for Sirius 31,32,32N and Ems 3132.

23.04.2019 v1.79

Added Keys programming for UCH G2005(Kangoo,Master2,Trafic 2 Ph2,Vivaro&Primastar cars of 2005-2013)

22.04.2019 v1.78

Added read/write km for dash Renault Modus.

17.04.2019 v1.77

Added read/write km and eeprom for dashboard of Koleos.

12.04.2019 v1.76

Addey Keys programming for UCH BMT Sagem (Solenza,Supernova,Twingo,Kangoo,Master 1998-2003).

05.04.2019 v1.75

Added read/write km,eeprom,dashboard for Fluence.

27.03.2019 v1.74

Added key programming for Logan2/Sandero2/Duster Ph2/Lodgy/Dokker/Symbol3.

25.03.2019 v1.73

Read/write flash,eeprom and km for Dashboard Laguna 3

19.03.2019 v1.72

Read/write flash,eeprom and km for Dashboard(VDO) Megane 3 and Fluence 2015+

11.03.2019 v1.71

Read/write eeprom and flash for dash Logan2/Sandero2/Lodgy/Dokker/Duster Ph2 2013-2014 & 2014-2017

26.02.2019 v1.69

support for CAN at 250000, added airbag SDM airbag for Renault Espace 3 and Renault Avantime.

05.09.2018 v1.67

Flash Read/Write for Clio 4 ph1 dashboard.

Note: In folder is present patched flash to return km and disable sync with ABS. To be used only for ph1.

From this version, program uses baudrate of 1000000 bps.Because of this you need to use « Set Speed » utility

to change the new baudrate or to return to the old one(115200) in case you use the old version of program.

29.06.2018       v1.66

Added secure programming for the Escl and Injection (Ecm) for Mégane 3/Scénic 3 and Laguna 3 (cars after 2010).

Please note that the blocker or injection must be non-coded.

15.06.2018       v1.65

Bugs fixed, ameliored procedure Add Key in UCH JC Dacia Logan ph2 was also fixed in this version.

12.06.2018       v1.64

Added secure card programming for Laguna 3.

12.06.2018       v1.63

Added secure card programming for Mégane 3, Scenic 3 and Fluence.

21.05.2018       v1.62

Added key Kangoo2 / Renault Master3 / Renault Trafic2 Ph3.

Also is possible to virginse UCH for the cars listed above.

17.05.2018       v1.61

Added Read/write km and eeprom 93c76 read/write for Kangoo2 Tdb X61 dashboard.

16.05.2018       v1.60

Added Read/write km and eeprom 93c76 read/write for Kangoo2 and Master3 dashboard Tdb X61_X62.

11.05.2018       v1.59

Added key programming and virginisation uch for Twingo2 (X44) and Wind (X33).

19.04.2018       v1.56

Added programming cards for clio3 2005-2006

03.04.2018       v1.55

added crash reset for Continental T4FL airbags for Clio4 ph2, Capture ph2, Thalia2,

Duster ph3, Master3 ph2, Trafic3, Logan2 ph2 in general cars after 2017

13.03.2018       v1.54

07.12.2017       v1.52  — (the only crack version tested by professionals)

Added Laguna3 programming cards (less phase3), Koleos, Clio3 the card, Clio Campus.

Was improved programming Megane2 cards and HFM Clio4 virginization.

For this version, a new activation is required

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26.10.2017       v1.49

Added airbag Megane 4/Kadjar/Talisman/Espace5. Please note that when the crash is cleared VIN

is erased also then you can program VIN only once.

21.04.2017       v1.47

Added airbag RC5 and ACU4

14.04.2017       v1.46

Added airbag MRSZ_X95 for Megane 3/Scenic 3 and Fluence

11.04.2017       v1.45

Added airbag for Twingo2 & Kangoo2

31.03.2017       v1.44

Support pour deux types du soft Dae Clio3 et Modus

30.03.2017       v1.43

l’apprentissage des clefs Clio3 depuis le menu Misc->Keys

29.03.2017       v1.39

lecture/ecriture UCH Laguna2

18.03.2017       v1.37

corriger ecriture/lecture code des injecteurs ecm dcm1.2

18.03.2017       v1.36

Version 1,36, lecture/ecriture km dcm 1,2  – bug

18.02.2017       v1.31

corectif apprentissage clef clio 3

02.11.2016       v1.30

update, virgin uch Logan2