Dice/VIDA Windows 7 review: Works flawlessly!

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

This product works flawlessly once you figure out the quirks of getting it to function! I gave it 4 stars because you have to really dig for information on how to get this device to function properly. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it. I will be using it a lot!

I ended up buying a used laptop to work with the Vida Dice setup. The laptop is a Dell E6440 with 4GB of Ram, an i5 processor 320GB hard drive and Windows 7 Pro.

I had several issues.

First, the original compatible laptop purchased from a pawn shop had a flaky USB port. I was able to return that one and get another laptop.

Next, I had to delete and reload the software several times on the laptops before I figured out the real issue I was having. The .Net version was too new for the Vida device. I actually deleted the 4.6 version and downloaded the 4.0 version direct from Microsoft.

I did spend a lot of time researching on various forums, general Internet searches and Youtube. I was able to find some tips (mentioned above) to get the hardware to work with the software. There are a few good Youtube videos that instruct you how to install the software on your laptop. The installation document on the DVD was useless!

This is the readme file you get:

[VIDA] Installation Manual

Systems Requirements:

Windows 7 Professional 32&64bit, IE8, IE9 or up version of the IE browser. The software must be installed in the C drive. Memory RAM at least3GB RAM, over 30GB free disk space
(Windows 7 Home is NOT supported)

Note: Please quit the anti-virus software and firewall before installing.

Software Installation Note:

Before installing, please make a copy of the software program in the CD to the hard disk in computer.
All the files in CD should be placed in the same new folder and unzip Part1 in it. After that, open the generated software package, view the video named ¡°Vida install help video¡± to install the software program.

The installation process takes about 1 hour, please wait with patience. When completing the installation, restart the computer later. After running the software patch, logout ( it is recommended) or run the program at once. The desktop icon is named ALL-IN-ONE, user name ¡°admin¡±.
If fails to login, please wait for the color of the icon in the lower right corner changing from yellow to green.

Enjoy VIDA 🙂

The whole system works flawlessly now. I have only used it a couple of times and I know it’s going to be an invaluable tool as a Volvo Enthusiast who likes to work on his own cars!


 I verified on 2 of the three vehicles and all of the modules are now green.

I thought for sure I got a good unit but after verifying on 3 separate vehicles this unit is defective. Every vehicle has a « CEM-DF13 CANH, High speed network Signal too high » code and cannot communicate with most of the modules.

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