Renault Magnum EURO 3 diagnostics: Vocom 88890300 can?

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

Tested successfully. Have used Vocom 88890300 for Renault Magnum EURO 3 with E-Tech engine

I am using vocom 88890300 unit off


Open Diagnostica 


Select a vehicle: truck – magnum

vocom-truck-review-2 vocom-truck-review-3

Select a ECU: all ECUs – E-TECH (Euro 3) – E-Tech engine (12 I)

vocom-truck-review-4 vocom-truck-review-5 vocom-truck-review-6

Pls turn on the ignition to go on

vocom-truck-review-7 vocom-truck-review-8

Start Renault diagnostics

1 Defects present

2 Defects in memory

3 Diagnostic

4 Parameter setting


in detail…

1 Defects present

vocom-truck-review-10 vocom-truck-review-11

2 Defects in memory

vocom-truck-review-12 vocom-truck-review-13 vocom-truck-review-14 vocom-truck-review-15 vocom-truck-review-16 vocom-truck-review-17

3 Diagnostic


digital visualization

customized visualization

general visualization


function diagnostic

engine brake



exhaust brake strangler

engine starting test

follow-up of engine performance

3 Diagnostic – visualization – digital visualization

vocom-truck-review-18 vocom-truck-review-19 vocom-truck-review-20 vocom-truck-review-21 vocom-truck-review-22 vocom-truck-review-23 vocom-truck-review-24

3 Diagnostic – visualization – customized visualization

vocom-truck-review-25 vocom-truck-review-26

3 Diagnostic – visualization – general visualization

vocom-truck-review-27 vocom-truck-review-28

3 Diagnostic – visualization – oscilloscope

vocom-truck-review-29 vocom-truck-review-30 vocom-truck-review-31

3 Diagnostic – function diagnostic – engine brake

vocom-truck-review-33 vocom-truck-review-34 vocom-truck-review-35 vocom-truck-review-36 vocom-truck-review-37

3 Diagnostic – function diagnostic – fan

vocom-truck-review-38 vocom-truck-review-39 vocom-truck-review-40

3 Diagnostic – function diagnostic – fuel-injection

vocom-truck-review-41 vocom-truck-review-42 vocom-truck-review-43

3 Diagnostic – function diagnostic – exhaust brake strangler

vocom-truck-review-44 vocom-truck-review-45 vocom-truck-review-46 vocom-truck-review-47

3 Diagnostic – function diagnostic – engine starting test

vocom-truck-review-48 vocom-truck-review-49 vocom-truck-review-50

3 Diagnostic – function diagnostic – follow-up of engine performance

vocom-truck-review-51 vocom-truck-review-52

4 Parameter setting

parameter definition by DATACAM



change of engine

change of unit pump

DATACAM reading

chronological account of events

W-data parameter definition

adjustment of idling speed

vocom-truck-review-53 vocom-truck-review-54 vocom-truck-review-55

Success! vocom adapter can be used for Renault truck euro 3