What is the most powerful software for ELM327 multi-brand? (PSA, Renault, Opel…)

Outils de diagnostic de voitures


Hello everyone I would like to know what is the most powerful software for elm327 brand by brand or multi-brand

for all cars for example which one and better for Renault 
for opel 
for Peugeot etc ..

Review 1:

Personally the elm is worthless and is more than limited for any diag, if you want to make the correct diag you need either a custom Chinese clone to a brand (diagbox for psa, canclip for Renault) and if you want to do multi brand orients to Autiocom, Delphi

Review 2:

For a personal multi-brand I buy a Chinese delphi ds150 clone that you find on the auction site for less than 100 Euros and I use the software autocom and it helps me out well. 
multi brand is also actia multidiag that is not bad. If you want to do that French, I still advise you lexia for psa and can clip for renault.

Review 3:

to make the diagnosis it takes a good tool – can clip for your renault or a multi-brand tool multidiag or autocom 
elm 327 is an interface that quickly reaches its limits and does not work with software like can clip, autocom , mutidiag etc 

Review 4:

it was enough to open a case elm327 and compare it to a manufacturer interface or a multibrand to understand that it can not do the same job  
The elm327 cases are out when the European antipollution standard has forced manufacturers to have the same protocol for the data of the engine to be able to control the antipollution to the technical control and road .Certain managed to modify these boxes by improving them and to develop small software (in other obdfacile; scanmaster) on the site there is the partner obdauto who does the same thing that looks not too bad with software by brand but when you do the math it is better to take directly a reliable multi-brand