Renault CANCLIP Driver Software User Manual

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Renault CAN CLIP 183 driver software manual:

software version: Renault clip 183

driver sw note: Can Clip v183 no need to replace anything

Part 1: How to solve Renault CLIP driver error « Unknown device »

Part 2: How to install CAN CLIP driver software

in detail…

Part 1: Renault CLIP driver « Unknown device » error and solution

The error message:

Update driver software – unknown device

Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for you device

Window found driver software for you device but encountered an error while attenmpting to install it


The system cannot find the file specified

If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for driver software


Tips and guides:

  1. You needs to install the drivers. And the drivers are for Aliiance VI not for Can Clip RLT2002 probe
  2. Change another USB port

Part 2: CAN CLIP driver sw installation

You have to install the driver manually (find it in C:\Clip_X91\Lib\Drivers )

in detail…

Step by step install CLIP driver sw:

Operating system issues:

The clone Clip can ONLY work in Windows XP and Windows 7
The drivers for the CLIP does NOT work with any 64-bit Windows.

Install a 32-bit version of Windows on the PC or install it using Oracle VM VirtualBox.

VirtualBox with WinXP running as a virtual machine on a Windows 8 64-bit computer WORKS.



PC storage issues:
Win xp and clip software at least 6 GB

CLIP driver issues:

If you have checked system and PC storage issues but the error remains, please pre-install the driver as the photos display

clip-driver-error-solved-1 clip-driver-error-solved-2

The last: Renault CAN CLIP User Manual

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