Renault Renolink Review + Download: Crack, No Need Activation

Programmeur De Calculateur

Renolink obd2 renault ecu programmer good and bad results:

I use it for:
Renault clio 3 2008, DCM 1.2 Ecu mileage change-OK
Renault twingo 2 2008 dashboard mileage change-Ok
Renault megane 2 2008 key card programming-OK
Renault megane 3 2009 ecu km SID 305 mileage-OK
Renault megane 3 2012 ecu km SID 307 mileage-not OK, read Ok, write km changed successuful but didnt change


Virgin DAE on modus 2005. Ok.
injector code kangoo 2002 ok.


Renolink in turkey good tool airbag clear crash full 2017+ uch and key and read pin good just km change little bad not supported new 4 series and ecu change km


On some versions software airbag unit RSAT4 Logan2/Sandero2 ph1/FL, SPC processor, LED failure on dash not getting off, no failure indication present, reset button stays grey ( inactive )
I am not fond of resetting airbag units but if you want do this, beware


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Only tested with Renolink blue adapter from China

Functions confirmed to work:

correspondence UCH
programming of the airbags
programming of the engine calculator
coding of the keys
suppression of the keys
coding of the dashboard
reading and the flash writing in the Renault and Dacia vehicles

Jobs to do with the Renolink:

– Read / Write Eprom
– Reset the ECU
– Clear the Airbag collision
– Reset the airbag
– Airbag Virginize

– Programming the key
– TDB (cluster)
– Programming the indicators
– Programming ECM

– Programming UCH
– EPS Virginizer
– EPS Reset

Good to know: Renolink vs Renault CANCLIP vs Renault-COM 

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