Free Download DiagBox v8.35 Lexia v500.74 PP2000 v600.79

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

Free download DiagBox v8.35; the APP folder includes Lexia v500.74 and PP2000 v600.79 (the latest to date). This arrangement should work with any DiagBox v7.xx and/or DiagBox 8.xx, I have tried it on my own car and it seems to be working fine.

The attachment within this post includes a link to the “APP” folder and a batch file to kill all DiagBox processes.!1So3lY6L!JvB3LCQj7KxtMdft_mLC0RX3wOBofsuwuuULIc3JPZY

If you wish to try it (at your own risk and having taken all precautions!):
1- Use the attached “Kill_DiagBox_Tasks.bat” to stop all DiagBox’s processes.
2- Rename your current “C:\APP” folder to “C:\APP8”
3- Extract the downloaded APP-835.7z to “C:\” so that you have “C:\APP”
4- Restart your computer and run DiagBox as usual.

Have fun!

The language is set to English, if you wish to change it to French, edit the DICO.TXT file in the EXE folders of LEXIA or OUTILREP (PP2000) and replace “GB” with “FR”.

If you wish to revert to your original setup.
– Kill all processes again using the wicked batch file
– Rename the C:\APP folder to anything or delete it
– Rename your C:\APP8 back to C:\APP
– Restart the computer and start DiagBox.

P.S. DiagBox has been running on Firmware 4.3.4 since 7.66/8.02.

Note that this is the one tested myself. Not 100% sure if it’s working for you guys or not.

If you want 100% working, this is your way to go – Diagbox 7.83

diagbox-7.83-car-list-1 diagbox-7.83-car-list-2 diagbox-7.83-car-list-3 diagbox-7.83-car-list-4

Regards, Simple.