Chinese PSA cable can change VIN of Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

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Hi guys,
i wanted to program a new SMEG+ radio wanted one with DAB+. And ordered one on Ebay.
Then the problem started. the VIN was not change by the seller. or was entered wrong

but i found a hack to Change the VIN. ( And all settings of the SMEG)
The quick fix i will explain here. When i have some more time i will try create a new solution ( hopefully offline non paying version)

So we know that the scary ( offline) version, can’t update the SMEG+ with telecode.
in this form they are talking about buying tokens on the site public.servicebox.peugeot(dot)com. and installing the official version. but the auto tele coding does not change the VIN or activateds the options i needed.

so what did do: ( and note that i have a C4 grand Picasso, with a Chinese PSA cable)

1. did a registration on the website public.servicebox.peugeot(dot)com
2. buy a token ( lookup a VAT number so you don’t have to pay VAT) 35 euro for 5 days.
3. Then you can download and install the software. Downgrade Java to 6. or you can not install the software.
4. read the manual. over and over. all the info about activating and user and password are in there
5. run the application. and try to auto telecode you SMEG+. It will give an error. ( it can’t change you VIN)
press ok. and it will give you the option for manual telecode. when you press on that it will ask for an activation
code that we don’t have.
6. go to the location C:\AWRoot\dtrd\tree\Vehicle\B78\TELEMAT\SMEG_PLUS
7. replace the file “B78_SMEG_PLUS_telecodage_manuel” with mine.
8. press the Manuel Telecode again. and bingo you can manual telecode the SMEG+
it can be possible that you need to stop the application again. ( took me 2 times be for it worked)
You will need to have internet for validation. but it will telecode.

be advice i did this for my C4 picasso B78. Don’t know if it works for others. My dealer wanted 100 euros for changing the VIN. so i looked for a workaround. and it worked. i have changed the things i needed.

i don’t give any warranty what so ever. i only gave you a workaround.

Attach SMEG+!gXoTlagB!Ht5QJpijpHHmmlHbaDg3VdZ-h1mlSrYvd6LkuxFNydg