Diagbox V7 V8 Path, How to?

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

To move forward you can take the Diagbox V7 path or the V8 path..

1- Diagbox V7 path, because it has 2 different upgrades (scarymistake or maitresox) you need to downgrade to the earliest upgrade that you can move up again..
So, download maitresox upgrades and start using them in reverse up to v758, then up again v7.62, 7.66, 7.74, 7.76 and 7.82 then my Diagbox 7.83.

2- Diagbox V8 path, just follow the procedure starting from stopping all processes and naming AWRoot to AWRoot7 etc.. as described in the posts.
Once you have v8.01 running, you will have in Version.ini this entry indicating v8.01=v7.65:

upgrade to 8.02. This will bring you to equal to 7.66 where you can use my updates or maitresox.

If you wish to use maitresox’s, ensure that the “version.ini” file has one entry ONLY and that is, version=7.66 … All updates above 7.65 are actually identical to version 8, the difference is only the “version.ini” file whether it has version=7.xx or version=8.xx. I entered both so that I could have freedom installing what I want and to be able to operate Lexia and PP2000 with V7 profile that I used.. Please refer to this:


However, DiagBox V8.01 id NOT equal to DiagBox V7.01, V8 uses more up to date engines like Java etc…

The choice is yours.

Also notice that Telecoding will now (from 7.66/8.01) prompt you for an internet connection. If you get that, follow this procedure:

Precaution: Ensure you take a snapshot of your configuration prior to making any change, in case you need to revert to the original settings.

1- Start DiagBox with Network disconnected
2- Select your car brand and model
3- Perform Global Diagnosis scan
4- Select the Module you wish to configure (DiagBox will try to connect to PSA servers, then it will timeout and offer Manual Configuration).
5- Choose the item to be reconfigured, perform the changes and apply/save them.