Renault CAN CLIP 183 Download Free: No Pass

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

Free download Renault CAN Clip V183 on mega – NO Password!9UZjiA5L!iF1OovXbGR4nj6crhEiCEnq9HkBTTpBCwqot5f8sDMg

Version: CLIP 183

(The Most Stable version)

Password: Not required

Activation: No need activation

Security: unknown! If you want to use CANCLIP for safety, you’re advised to have CAN CLIP 178:

100% tested: confirmed to work perfectly with Renault CAN CLIP china clone, including item no. sp19-asp19-csp19-dsp19-e

CAN CLiP 183 New Features:

Added NEW car model For ALPINE A110 and DUSTER ph3

Added NEW car model XBA

CAN CLiP 183 Languages:

Austria, Belgium, English, German, Denish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania, Swedish, Switherland, italian, russian, polish, czech, Hungaria, Turkish….

Renault CANCLiP 183 Vehicle Coverage:

CANCLiP 183 can be used for Cars From 1998-2018

V183 adds new vehicles:


Renault CLiP 183 Operation System:

The newest full chip V183 can work on Windows 10/8/7, easier to use!!!

– Win 7 32 bit / 64bit Pro or Ultimate: Worked!

– Win 10: Worked but you MUST install Virtual XP machine and then to load Clip 170

You have to know:

1 software version:

If you have made can clip work on older software version , Then you want to work on newer software version, attention pls!

Before using new software, you have to go to update , select update,then do not operate computer , wait for one minute, CLIP UPDATE is available once, can not cancel the update.

2 voltage

When CAN CLIP is connected, make sure the voltage must be above 12V, otherwise the interface would not work well !


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