How to make Renault Peugeot remotes work? After key unlocked by VVDI Keytool?

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Possible to make Renault and Peugeot remotes work after key unlocked

VVDI KEY TOOL Unlock Renault and Peugeot Success but remote stop working!

vvdi-keytool-psa-wiring vvdi-keytool-renault-wiring


When resetting must config to work remote . Use info from new unlocked key. Unlocking not = that key is config and work with car. Transponder yes , but remote must config. Use VVDI-key tool to generate remote for model you want , and copy pages to unlocked key.

You can copy pages, with HITAG section of some tool. Remote stop total work or working but car not acsepted? If you unlock working key from car , he automatically stop work with car if is this your question on top.