Digiprog 3 Renault Clio Odometer Correction Wiring Diagram

Révision KM d'Odomètre

Digiprog 3 wiring diagram:

Renault Clio MJ 2002 95020

Renult Clio Sagem NEC Tacho

In detail…

Renault Clio MJ 2002


DIGIPROG3-Renault-Clio-MJ-1 DIGIPROG3-Renault-Clio-MJ-2

Note Tacho Meter Value

Dismantle Tacho

Identify Chip 95020

Desolder Chip 95020

Clean Chip 95020

Set Plug ST01 on Chip


Red Cable on PIN 1

Font readable / PIN 1 bottom left

Choose programm


Data Back up / Data restore

Data Back up EEPROM

> Chip type

> Read Data

> Write Data


Data restore EEPROM

> Load Data

> Write

Connect replace tacho

Choose Vehicle program

Enter KM value and confirm Entry

Programming operation completed

Renult Clio Sagem

NEC Tacho


Note Tacho Meter

Dismantle Tacho Meter

Disassemble Tacho Meter

Identify Processor

Solder the colored cables of Plug 59 to the suitable points

digiprog3-Renult-Clio-Sagem-2 digiprog3-Renult-Clio-Sagem-3  digiprog3-Renult-Clio-Sagem-5

Connect DigiProg to separate electricity supply

Urgently necessarily

Connect DigiProg 3 with the plug

Follow the instructions of the DigiProg

Choose program: PKW/LKW—Renault-Clio-Sagem-Tacho