VAG OBD Helper Review

VAG OBD cable reviews:

Review 1:

Got a new tool from China, cheap, and it works!

Review 2:

Nice BUT!
Dont forget, it is only to become Data from Car!
You need separat Tool to learn the Key’s

Review 3:

It looks that use the original VAG server.

Review 4:

it take 3-5 minutes but we need to wait for some real user test

Review 5:

I gathered that this is a data extraction tool, but for the money and cheap tokens! , its ideal for who ever wants a start up in Vag, with a low outlay. information a bit unclear at the moment. needs testing, time for me to buy vvdi 2. he has sold 39 so far

Review 6:

A trial run. fixing bugs, who knows,
Online keyprogramming is allready in the vvdi2 menu.
Not activated, coming soon.

Review 7:

And it’s token based – 1 token = 7.5 USD

I’m gonna buy it.

Review 8:

well i just order this tool and need to make audi a3 2013 8v0 cluster with it vvdi2 cant make spare key

Review 9:

I have also ordered this cable. I will post soon results

Review 10:

As I know, it is not from Xhorse, but from a senior locksmith.
He says he test it can extract VAG 4th immo data that any of VVDI2, Lonsdor, AP-Pro is not easy to do.
He also makes guide on how to use it with VVDI2, Lonsdor.
google and you will see some videos and blogs offering the guide.
Firstly read VAG 4th immo, then with the data to program key with VVDI2