Where to download Diagbox 9.23 software?

This is something new for PSA car repair, incl.

Diagbox software v9.23 download, car list, tests on PSA vehicles and user reviews

In detail…

Diagbox V9.23 software download free:

Diagbox version 9.23 can not be uploaded on the web. The Diagbox V9.23 is very well protected. Activation (50€) for only one PC. This 50€ is a contribution. It’s not a selling item. The real stuff for dealer cost +/- 3000€ a year. For those who are working on recent cars it’s a very good solution. PSA asks too much money. An original Lexia VCI cost about 1100€ !!! They are not reasonable. That’s why people looks for cracked software and clones…

Diagbox V9.23 firmware requirement:

About the firmware to use with 9.2X version

Firmware v4.3.7 and the Lexia3 Diagbox software will upgrade it automatically by USB
No PSAInterfaceChecker need

Diagbox 9.23 PSA vehicle list:

All actual PSA cars you find in Diagbox V9.23.
A car is named K9-AC = New Berlingo
K9-AP = Rifter.
There is no picture off the car. Was in the software before the commercialisation.
K9-AC =Berlingo
K9-AP =Rifter
A88 =C3 Aircross
B618 = C3 bERLINE
D34 = DS3 Crossback

It works for all actual PSA models. Later this year comes the new 508. This is not in the software V9.23 but already in the official software of the PSA dealer. Models are an never ending story. All we can do is hoping on updates in the future. For a non official dealer he can wait about 2 years because the new cars have a warranty of 2 years.

Btw, Diagbox V7.82 can do the job on cars before 2015.

Diagbox 9.23 tests on recent carss telecoding:

On recent cars telecoding is no longer possible offline. When I need a telecoding I go to the official dealer. You can also buy credits to connect to the PSA server but they cost more than the official dealer for a simple telecoding. Diagbox V9.23 is much more than a DTC reader. DTC read is important but using « Parameters » function is for me the max for diagnostic. V9.23 do the job even on the last Rifter and new Berlingo. Yesterday I have done the diagnostic on a recent C3 2018 with Pure-Tech engine. Diagbox V7 has done the job very well but now you need V9.23 to work on recent cars. It’s not for free. You have to make a little contribution. It isn’t a selling item. Only a contribution for supporting the forum you can find via Google.

Diagbox 9.23 review:

Review 1:

I have the version V9.23 . I’m very good working for Peugeot, Citroën and all DS versions. Even the DS7! This version is no longer available on the net. I don’t know what’s happening. This version is very severe protected. There is nothing I can do.

Review 2:

i have too active 9.23 but you can’t do telectoding of BSI and SMEG in 2015 and 2017 peugeot 208 its just like reader… more you can do here with 7.57

need java installed to download… that’s org downloader links
Diagbox 9.20 https://mega.nz/#!f5tGxQKR!FOdJdiaFSgJsP…Xy5-i9uWPQ
Diagbox 9.31 https://mega.nz/#!rwkSXIbR!xaljMwe47kH6C…Tn0lP32Zqw

DiagBox v9 hack was available during the early versions long time back, but under different name. They would not issue (at that time) a license for a Virtual Machine installation, knowing that it could be distributed it freely.

Personally, I do not believe in or condone making money out of someone else’s work, it is immoral, and while I have an opinion on the personal use of the software, selling cracked software to make money is illegal, and both the hacker and sites advertising the hack would receive notice from authorities concerning this issue. Hence, it would quickly disappear.

But also charging corporate rates to car owners is also obnoxious. Alas, there is no law against it!!.