VVDI2 Porsche Instruction for Newbies

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Help please!

This is total newbie question but I’m going to buy a vvdi2. And first job on the list is a 2008 Porsche Cayenne turbo. How do I do this vehicle? Any help much appreciated.

Tips from experienced users:

You need to first buy the tool and follow the instructions on the manual. Most porsches are programmed directly by eeprom but you need to practice before getting out to program it to an actual customer

If you want some help. It programs the same way as a vw passat and cc

If I am not mistaken, all the Cayenne’s are done by EEPROM. You could prep a key with vvdi2, assuming you have something to pull and read the bin. I could be wrong, there are virtually no Porsche here. 100% the ones slightly older than that are EEPROM only tho

Here are VVDI2 tests on Porsche:

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