Renolink Renault vs Renault CANCLIP vs Renault-COM

Look here: Renault diagnostics & programming tools comparison: Renolink vs CAN CLIP vs Renault-COM

Product Renolink Renault Renault CAN CLiP Renault COM

Price 35.99 euro 95 -135 euro;

The quality depends

43.99 euro
Features Renault programming tool Renault diagnostic/reprogramming interface Renault diagnostic & programming tool
Update Unknown;

The update policy will be released soon

Free to update Not support
Bluetooth No No Yes
Diagnostics Yes Yes Yes
Coding No No Yes
Key Programming Yes No Yes
ECU Programming Yes No Yes
Reprogramming Yes Yes Yes
Functions List 1. Read / Write Eprom
2. Reset the ECU
3. Clear the Airbag collision
4. Reset the airbag
5. Airbag Virginize
6. Programm the key
7. TDB (cluster)
8. Program indicators
9. Program ECM
10. Program UCH
11. Virginize EPS
12. Reset EPS
1. Read vehicle info

2. Computer test

3. Automatic test of all computers

4. Airbag test

5. Cantool (OBD tests)

6. Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)

7. Physical measurements

8. Antipollution

9. Multimeter


1. Key programming

2. Service reset

3. DPF regeneration

4. EGR self-test

5. Airbag programming

6. Injector programming

7. Power Steering calibration

8. ECU replacement

9. Car configurations


In conclusion:

For diagnostics and reprogramming:  

You’d better have a Renault CAN CLIP interface

For ECU programming:

Renolink is your way to go.

For coding,

Renault-COM only!