How to use Lexia 3 for Citroen C5 key fobs programming?

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Programming tool: Lexia 3 cable with sw Lexia

Car: Citroen C5

How to program key fobs using Lexia 3:

You will need to get your confidential code for the car from Citroen if you don’t have the card with the code on it. lexia will ask for this when programming.

You must ensure you programme ALL the fobs you have in the same session and tell Lexia how many you are doing in the session. Any fobs not included will be deactivated.

Programming tutorial:

The instructions are contained within Lexia when you get to the relevant menu for key programming.

Trans code:

the code is allocated to your specific car and verified by VIN from their confidential database. Lexia will not allow you to proceed if the code is not correct in any case as it compares the code to that encrypted and stored in the BSI.

Don’t worry about the code, if the code you have is wrong Lexia will tell you it is incorrect & wont let you go any further.

Its pretty hard to go wrong, you just follow the on screen instructions, if you do something wrong you can just go back & repeat the process again.

One thing to be aware of is some of the immobiliser systems need Lexia to be disconnected after the procedure before the car will start so don’t panic if it comes up with immobiliser fault & wont immediately start.

Just make sure you allow time to do it and follow the instructions exactly.

Test result: I programmed my new key and the original key today and the job went very well. my C5 is now running fine.