How to fix Renault CAN-CLIP MTC Error to work with NEW cars

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

Here, I’d like to explain why Renault can clip can not make diag for new models & asks for MTC & how to fix this


MTC error is common known issue on CAN-CLiP, this when the car is too new for the firmware the version of sw CLiP you use, the usual delay is 2-3 months for a new manufactured car to be enlisted on the firmware of the newest version of sw CLiP.
As example, the latest version of sw CAN-CLiP v178 issued June 2018 make ok diagnose Reno-Dacia cars for at most April 2018.

For a representative Reno-Dacia workshop this is not a problem they use net connection for getting on-line the newest cars characteristics