Renault CAN CLIP V178 Reviews (updated on 07-2018)

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2018 Renault CAN CLIP V178 Reviews:

Review 1:

I have bought CAN Clip v178 before some day. I’m using the site it’s green board with « golden edges » version, with chip Cypress AN2135 and NEC relays, for which seller claims its the best clone.

I have’t tested it yet on a newer vehicle, but he says it would work as it should, without any problem, also he (had) even tested it on the newest Renault, as Zoe (electric car)

Review 2:

I have a china clip for 6 years now not gold plated think was the cheapest one i could find, always been troublesome, i have re soldered some of the components on the board years ago and worked fine till the other day when it wouldn’t connect with my megane anymore. At this point thought gold plated is the way to go but needed to do some coding and had no time to wait for new one to arive so the next option was to re solder the whole unit which i did, every single solder joint i have manually redone, now it works flawlessly. in one way i am glad I haven’t spent money on a new one as this one doesn’t get much use anyway.
I have just got the new Clip V178 and reprog 164 today and will have to find out how to share those with you guys, also have an older clip v176 which i will share as well.

Hope that helps.

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