Volvo HU56 key cutting and decoding with Condor XC-Mini

This is how to do decoding and cutting the Volvo HU56 key using the Condor Mini key cutting machine.

Volvo HU56 key

Select ‘Cut by Bitting’ located on the right of the screen (note you can also search by vehicle)

Select HU56R from the menu.

You will be given 2 options, select the bottom option

The next screen shows you which jaw to use and which line to align the key to.

Insert the key into the jaw and align to the correct alignment line and clamp tight.

Once the original key is in the jaw, ensure the key area and jaw are clean of swarf and key debris then select ‘Key Decode’.

The machine will then decode the key and present you with the decoded key screen showing you the key cuts in each position.

Remove the original key and take the blank key you wish to copy to.

Insert the blank key to be cut in the correct alignment position in the jaw.

Now select ‘Correcting & Cut’ located on the bottom right of the screen.

The screen will then tell you it’s working.

The machine then cuts the key on side 1. You will then be told to turn the key over and repeat to cut side 2.

Your key is correctly cut!

If you’re in a situation where they key blade has been lost, it is also possible to pick and decode using a Genuine Lishi tool and directly enter the cuts into the machine where no key is available to decode from.

Select ‘Cut by Bitting’.

Input HU56R using the keypad.

Once HU56R is highlighted select ‘Continue’

Again select the bottom option of the 2 options you are presented with.

Enter the direct cuts you read with the Genuine Lishi tool, then select continue to cut as shown.

Job’s done!