Tips: VVDI-Prog Porsche Panamera GTS MY2013 Add A Key

Xhorse support: Tips and guides here for a problem in the use of Xhorse vvdi prog

CAR: porsche panamera gts my2013

MODULE: BCM (continental P/N 7PP.907.064.GA)

MCU: freescale 9s12xep100 mask 5M48H

I had to extract the D-flash to add a key, so I have:

1-wired the vvdi prog on the bcm as picture in soft

2-made backup of DFLASH and PFLASH file (IMMOBILISER>porsche>BCM-5M48H-BACKUP)

3-put back the bcm in the car: started OK

4-removed back bcm and wired it to vvdi prog again

5-made backup again (same file)

6- switched to IMMOBILISER>porsche>BCM-5M48H-R/W/UNLOCK

7-pushed “reset sec” button but finished with a failed

8-pushed again “reset sec”, and same fail

9-switched to IMMOBILISER>porsche>BCM-5M48H-FORCE-UNLOCK

10-pushed “reset sec” button and it finished success (decrypt)

11- switched to IMMOBILISER>porsche>BCM-5M48H-R/W/UNLOCK

12- read d-flash again and compared to backup (same files)

13-write my mod DFLASH

14-pushed “set sec”

15- removed wires and install BCM back to car=> no reaction of the car (bricked)

16- removed BCM and reput original DFLASH same procedure as before

17- put BCM in car same situation=>no reaction of the car

Tips & guides:

checked your backup Dflash and Pfalsh dump should be work. you can re-write your new Dflash and backup Pflash, then Set Sec as ‘7D’.

if put back to vehicle still with problem, should be hardware issue, maybe soldering issue.

If you backuped files. Than write them again. Read again. In you checked all components and ringed cirquit with multimeter and all good. I had other panamera after put back components and restore track. Car dead just relay clicking in bcm. Than resolder all again. Removed crystal and redone track again tested with multimeter and car was alive again.