VVDI Key Tool and Volvo: Yes or No?

Programmeur De Clef Xhorse

VVDI Key Tool Volvo – Tips from Samic, digital-kaos.co.uk

This is XHORSE VVDI Key Tool Volvo – Tips from Samic, digital-kaos.co.uk:

Volvo model is special for collecting data from switch. usually the ignition signal for acquisition every 15mins will be changed for one time.

such as: if you use VVDI KEY TOOL to collect data within 5mins several times, you will get stuck at 1/8 collect data.

You have to wait around 15mins later then do next time collect data, then will get 2/8 collect data.


VVDI Key Tool Volvo Diagram:

VOLVO Hitag 2/ Hitag 3 smart key

Key information – Key adapter – Chip number

5WK49266(900MHz) smart key – 12 VOLO – 7953

5WK49269(433MHz) smart key – 12 VOLO – 7953