Volvo Key Programmer: Lonsdor K518ise

Programmeur De Clef

Here are tips for those who want to buy volvo key programmers.

Key Programming Tool for Volvo – NOT Exists?

If you search “volvo key programmer” through Google years ago (usually before 2017), you might be told that

No such thing exists; at least not in these circles. The car’s interface needs licensed software to change its internal software in the body control module. 
On post ’99 cars a licensed copy of Vida with subscription and a download tool such as Dice or VCT 2000 is the only way to CHANGE any programming. Each download is charged at Volvo’s rates. 
A key duplicating machine will give you cheaper and quicker results than trying to alter the car’s software without licensing. If keys are lost you need to program the car to a new chipped key at the dealer.

Yep! There was no decent volvo key programming tool before the year 2007. But now, things are changed a lot. You can be the lucky dog coz more and more professionals flooded into this circle, equipped with rich diagnostic and programming tech and good at development. Lonsdor K518ise is the first one working for Volvo immo.

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Volvo Key Programming Car List:

S40, S60, S80, XC60, XC90, C30, C70, V40, V60, V70

Series     Origin     Year     Fuel Type     Function

S60        Other      Other    Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

S60        Other      Other    Other         Smart Key[one-button start]

S80        Other      09-      Other         Smart Key[one-button start]

XC60       Other    09-      Other         Smart Key[one-button start]

S80        Other      09-      Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

XC60       Other      09-      Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

S40        Other      Other    Other         Smart Key

S40        Other      Other    Other         Key Programming

S80        Other      -09      Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

V40        Other      Other    Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

C30        Other      Other    Other         Key Programming

C30        Other      Other    Other         Smart Key

V40        Other      Other    Other         Smart Key[one-button start]

S80        Other      -09      Other         Smart Key[one-button start]

V60        Other      Other    Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

V60        Other      Other    Other         Smart Key[one-button start]

XC60       Other      -09      Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

XC60       Other      -09      Other         Smart Key[one-button start]

XC90       Other      Other    Other         Flip Key

C70        Other      Other    Other         Key Programming

C70        Other      Other    Other         Smart Key

V70        Other      09-      Other         Proximity Key[insert key to start]

V70        Other      09-      Other         Smart Key[one-button start]

FYI, the diagnostic box have just released a programmer with volvo coverage , this one gets released next week but im told was being demonstrated at mla show last weekend , also AD are reported to be releasing volvo coverage on their new smart pro being released at end of year , also abrites are adding to their volvo coverage , so at some point you will become spoilt for choice on volvo.