Volvo VIDA 2014D Memory Requirements Hack

Many computers out there
using 2gb ram .
Volvo Vida will not allow to install if memory RAM below 2,7GB .
In some cases this is a trouble !

Here comes me
I just installed successfully on 2GB ram .

How ?
Simple .
Just look for file “compinfo”
It is in the install folder path : Install/DVD/Vida_dvdheader
Now edit this file , and look for this :

;RAM is in MB
ErrorMess=Computer Memory (RAM) is below the required

Must change value from 2764 to 1764 and save file .

Keep in mind Win 7 is required , and internet explorer 9.0 or above.
Now you are good to go , and vida will install on computer with 2GB ram .
Possibly – but i didnt try – it could install on 1GB ,in that case must change value to
900 or 1000 .This case installation would go longer and i havent tested if would work at all on 1GB .

2GB works like a charm anyway .
Needless to say , that if your software on CD or DVD , you have to copy it to a hard drive first , before editting this file … Then install from hard disk.

Wishing all the best

Here are links for installation thread if anyone need .

Free version: (unknown risk)


Password : 2014-D/VIDA_VolVo


Note : Windows XP not supported since 2014B

Tested version: (100% working)


No issues with DiCE: