Why should I use Dev2tool with Volvo Tech Tool?

FREE download Dev2tool programming + Tech Tool diagnostics

Here, you can free download Dev2tool working on Window 7 64bit Tech Tool 1.12.

Dev2tool vs. Tech Tool:

Premium tech tool: for diagnosis

Dev2tool: for programming

Download links:

Free version:





The O.P. says it’s working on window 7 64bit only

Note that it’s free version so you’re trying on your own risk!

Tested version:

Premium tech tool 2.5.86 with Dev2tool


Remote installation help: no issues on Windows 7 32/64bit

100% tested with Nexiq, Xtruck, DPA4+, DPA5, Vocom 88890300, 88890020, Noregon

Works good on trucks the year of 2017

Why do you use dev2tool with tech tool?

dev2tool.exe software used together with PTT1.12 will allow you to program 11500 parameters using standard 88890020 and 9998555 diagnostic interface.(speed programming, injectors programming, change CHASSIS ID , disable immo , trip kilometers correction and fuel consumption saved in ECU , ……….. )Premium Tech Tool (PTT) is an application for the Aftermarket, developed to support efficient service and diagnostics. Premium Tech Tool is available as a connected version or as an unconnected version. The unconnected version is called Premium Tech Tool Connection less (PTTC) and that is that we offer. PTTC is used in workshops that do not have internet access, but both versions are referred to as PTT. PTT provides access to the Guided Diagnostics and VCADS.

Reference: Volvo Tech Tool download for VOCOM 88890300


PTT 1.12/2.40 2.03/3.02 2.5.87 – included

Volvo Tech Tool vs Dev2tool vs Visfeed – included