Volvo VIDA 2014D 2018 Expired Fix: Download VIDA 2030 Patch

Volvo Vida 2014D and your license is expired on 1-1-2018 This is the fix! Just modify it in winrar and run the patch again and everything is working!

It is same VIDA patch like always, but edited to activate until 2033

Just run

Solution 1: (best & easiest)

Go to a Volvo Vida 2014D crack but tested version:

Never has expiration issues

100% works good with Volvo Dice

Solution 2: (need luck)

Free download VOLVO VIDA 2014D Patch 2030.exe

32bit: (only work for 2014D)…oUGzhlhKp/view
64bit: (only work for 2014D)…bMfkOdRrs/view

Just run the corresponding patch above. Or open the exe file in winrar and edit the license file with a text editor. IE: notepad. Run the patch again. The ones linked above are edited to 2030.

.exe file: (works with Volvo Vida 2014 A-B-C-D)!MmIUySiL!EYjFftscX0qB1l7qcrDqZgL8ucUhrNMHIX5Wly1aPjk

Same VIDA patch like always, but edited to activate until 2033

Not password required, but please newest Winrar

Solution 3: (customer solution)

Using WinRar to extract 3 files out of the original patch executable.
A windows batch file called filldb.cmd
An SQL command file called filldb.sql
the VIDA license file called license

These need to be copied into a new directory called ‘patch‘ in the VIDA home directory (normally C:\VIDA\).
You then edit the license file in Notepad and search for ‘subscriptionExpireDate‘, you will find a date after it (“2017-12-31 23:59:59”). Change the year to whatever you want (within reason) and save the file.

Stop the VIDA service from the task bar by right clicking on the icon and selecting Stop, and run the filldb.cmd command file (preferably from a command line window while in the C:|VIDA\patch directory). This then creates an SQL command file to write the data from the license file into VIDA’s SQL database and runs it using the MS SQL command line.


Have fun!