Why to buy AURO OtoSys IM600 instead of Autel/Launch X431?

Autel Diagnostic Scanner Launch X431 Programmeur De Clef

I prefer AURO OtoSys IM600 to Autel/Launch X431 scan tools, because it can

  • read/writeMCU & EEPROM chips
  • read/writeIC card
  • detectRemote control frequency
  • read/writeMercedes infrared key

The functions cannot be realized by the Launch/Autel.

Besides, AURO works good in basic diagnostic, immo and service functions.

Good diagnostic performance:

  • Widevehicle coverage for more than 80 US, Asian and European vehicle makes.
  • Complete capabilities for codes, live data, actuation tests, adaptations.
  • Displays live data in text, graph, analog and digital gauge for easy data review and analysis.
  • Auto VIN technology can automatically identify the vehicle’s make, model and year information in no time.

Auto key programming – Perfect:

Smart mode:

Smart Mode for guided and automated key learning

Expert mode:

Expert Mode for advanced key learning functions, uncluding:

Read PIN/CS (All Keys Lost)
IMMO ECU Reset/Adaption
IMMO ECU Reflash/Coding
Remote Learning
Backup/restore EEPROM data
Backup/restore IMMO data
BMW FEM/BDC Key Learning and Adaption
Audi Q5/A4/A5 2015-2017 Read PIN/CS

Advanced Service Functions – No issues!

OtoSys IM600 offers time-saving shorcuts to access all the commom service functions with one touch of the screen.

  • Direct access to complete service functions including:
  • Relearn parking brake pad after replacement (EPB)
  • Support forced DPF regeneration and adjusting injectors (DPF)
  • Reset Steering angle sensor (SAS)
  • Reset service mileage and service intervals (Oil Reset)
  • RelearnTPMS sensor (TPMS)
  • Register and resetbattery(BMS)

How to use Auro OtoSys IM600 :

How to program a new key and have a chip tuning with Auro OtoSys IM600

Free download Auro OtoSys IM600 user manual:

download auro-otosys-im600-2011-nissan-key-learning.pdf  (655.5K)
download auro-otosys-im600-bmw-key-learning.pdf  (922.3K)
download auro-otosys-im600-quick-guide.pdf  (10,277.7K)
download auro-otosys-im600-user-manual.pdf  (4,317.2K)
download im600-2004-2007-chrysler-key-learning.pdf  (1,294.0K)
download im600-2008-audi-a4-key-learning.pdf  (655.2K)
download im600-2012-audi-a3-all-keys-lost.pdf  (1,381.7K)
download im600-2014-audi-q5-key-learning.pdf  (613.1K)
download im600-2015-audi-q5-all-keys-lost.pdf  (435.4K)
download im600-bmw-ecu-renew.pdf  (1,761.2K)
download im600-volvo-all-semi-smart-keys-lost.pdf  (1,434.6K)
download im600-vw-key-learning.pdf  (1,449.3K)

Auro OtoSys IM600 Full package:

1pc x OtoSys IM600 1pc Mainboard x
1pc Main Cable
x USB External Power Adapter
1pc x USB
1pc Main Cable x AAC001
1pc x APA002 Adapter
1pc x AC / DC Adapter
1pc x APA101 Adapter
1pc x APA103 Adapter
1pc x APA104 Adapter adapter
1pc x APA105 adapter
1pc x APA106 adapter
1pc x APA107 adapter
1st + x APB101 APD101 adapter
1pc x APB102 adapter
1pc x APB104 adapter
1pc x APB105 adapter
1pc x APB106 adapter
1pc x APB107 adapter
1pc x APB108 adapter
1pc x APC001 adapter
1pc x Lighter Cigarette
1pc x Light Fuse

AURO-OtoSys-IM600-for-sale-1 AURO-OtoSys-IM600-for-sale-2 AURO-OtoSys-IM600-for-sale-3 AURO-OtoSys-IM600-for-sale-4 AURO-OtoSys-IM600-for-sale-5 AURO-OtoSys-IM600-for-sale-5-1 AURO-OtoSys-IM600-for-sale-5-2 AURO-OtoSys-IM600-for-sale-6 AURO-OtoSys-IM600-for-sale-7 AURO-OtoSys-IM600-for-sale-8 AURO-OtoSys-IM600-for-sale-9 AURO-OtoSys-IM600-for-sale-10