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Thread: Renault can CLiP check DPF content

Dolb: Has anyone here checked the dpf with Renault CAN CLiP interface and like to give a hand with any info.

I am using CLiP v146 to try and check the dpf loading on a scenic 3 but having trouble getting any info.
If I go into function and select particle filter or particle filter history
all that I can see is :
self- diagnosis report
injection computer

There are no fault codes stored and all cpu funtions are reading in CLiP ok

Thanks in advance for any help

Alfabit: Not all the injection computers Reno using are giving info about the level of soot inside DPF, last i remember now is SID 306 Duster soot level and also number or regen ok/failed
But by the way, what is the issue of you want to get info about DPF ? Regen not ok, emissions problem or what ?
Anyway, nr. regen ok/failing all must show in CANCLiP software.

Dolb: Thanks for the reply
No issue with the dpf ,just curious to know the current state of it. The car has been owned from new and now has nearly 70k miles.
The CLiP version was current when the car was new.
Just seamed strange that in CLiP there are tabs to check it but if the ecu for the injection does not support it that will be why i get the errors.

Autoricky: update your CLiP software
(The CLiP version was current when the car was new.)
most likely software was not ready for car. Hence updates.

Go into live data engine parameters -exhaust you should see
every thing you need

I am using V172 at present

Dolb: Thanks for the info.
I will have a look for a newer version.


About: Newest Renault CAN CLiP Software – Version 175 (03.2018)

CAN CLiP v175 link: (1005 tested)

CAN CLiP v175 download free: (unknown security)

CLiP v175 test report:

Have fun!