Porsche Durametric Enthusiast vs Professional Kit 

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Differences – There are two main differences between the Durametric Enthusiast and Professional Kits:

The number of cars supported:
The Professional kits support an unlimited number of cars. The Enthusiast kits support up to three cars only. The limitation of the Enthusiast kit is based on the car’s VIN – not model.

The Coding and Command Console features:
Beginning with Durametric version 6, Durametric supports the Coding and Command Console features. These features are included with the Professional kits only.
The Coding feature provides for the ability to enable or disable predefined features in the car such as airbags, daytime running lights, cruise control, and the rear spoiler where applicable.
The Command Console feature is a means of communicating with the control units using very low-level communications. This feature is very seldom used. »


PIWIS – There are no legitimate PIWIS units for sale, Porsche only leases them, starting at around $18K for the first year, and even at that has some features disabled. Most of the oriental knock-offs are not even remotely a PIWIS, but rather a clone of an old and no longer supported Durametric software system.

Piwis Teser II – Somewhat out of date, it cannot access systems on newer cars that did not exist when it was in use, and runs on a now dead operating system. Even at that, you will still lay out a couple grand to get an old computer with the system on it.

Durametric – Not as capable as the PIWIS, but one Hell of a lot cheaper at less than $300. Still under active development, updates come out regularly which add new features and correct bugs. Comes in two versions, the Enthusiast will only work with three VIN’s and cannot do everything that the Pro version does (coding, activating systems), and the Pro version has no car numbers limitations, but at more than twice the price.