Volvo Vida 2014D 2014A Patch Download to Log in

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

Free download Volvo VIDA 2014D or 2014A patch to solve Error “Can’t Log in”.

volvo-2014d-cant-login-1 volvo-2014d-cant-login-2 volvo-2014d-cant-login-3 volvo-2014d-cant-login-4

When the user name is entered, the interface will pop up “please wait” and jump into a blank page for seconds, then back to the login interface.

VIDA 2014D patch:!xpdF0K7D!ox5Td5sQdhwBSr2jF3C6syPeW77ETyT-t3zbUM_5ofM

Note: this patch only works for VIDA 2014D; cannot be used for VIDA 2014A


Run Patch.cmd and Vida 2014D works like a charm

VIDA 2014A patch:

  1. Unpack file to Desktop.
    2. Run 2014A-B-D-2099.exe
    3. Install to C:\
    4. Reboot and log in to Vida 2014A after the icon turns green.