Carprog 8.21 Volvo/Renault Emulator: Enabled

Hi, i’d like to chip in words of my experice of this Carprog firmware 8.21,different from all 8.21 fake i tested.

The EMULATOR (renault, volvo) options are ENABLED and also are lots of new options (Airbag MAC7242, XC2361, XC2372; Odometer thru Diag ex. Dacia 2013 etc).
I will try some real ecu car and report back. (Opel EDC16C39 read ok, but that is also supported in 4.74)

Carprog Programmer works.
Clone seems to work fine in offline mode:


Audi A4 RB4 mileage OK
Audi A4 RB8 mileage OK
Fiat Ducato 2011 mileage OK
OPEL Vectra EDC16 PIN, mileage OK

-Emulator Volvo and Renault work

i update carprog 4.74 to 8.21 and all works so far ok. Volvo dash emulator works super. Tested just emu and airbags, all ok.

Emulator Volvo work.