How to rework cloned Lexia 3 as the original


Here’s a post for the purists of the PSA XS EVOLUTION ACTIA interface (also called Lexia 3 cable)!

Edit your Lexia 3 interface to make it equivalent to an original.

I do not will detail all the references of the components to be mounted on a clone or replace
(resistors, capacitors and other IC), many of them are already known (full topic on
French forum …) or easily identifiable with the « Marking code ».

Let’s start with the photos of a clone interface « made in china » to correct quality welds and
good components placement. Interface that is not a « FULL CHIPs », as you can see.

Circled in red, the locations to be equipped or components that are replaced:

Microprocessor PCB:

Relay PCB:

After an order with RS and Mouser:

We start by removing components « non-original » and clean (Lead free flux remover) PCB, and we get this:

we put in place new components then are welded

Once all components are in place and the two new PCB cleaned by LFFR, here’s what we get:

Little comparison:

Microprocessor PCB:




Relay PCB:




The rendering is fairly obvious, but it’s even more impressive on a good quality « FULL CHIPS », without printing !!!

Small technical explanation of the three components of the USB input of the microprocessor PCB; replaced on the clone interface of Chinese by capacitors and
0 ohm resistors:
In practice, it protects the USB input following this scheme:
with a fast common mode choke USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 associated with two TVS diodes for electrostatic discharge deletions.

If it’s difficult for you, go for a HQ Lexia 3 cable:

Good change …Enjoy!!!!!

Attachment: List components reference

Ne emplacement Designation Reference

1,2 ESD suppressors EATON (14-30Vdc) 0603ESDA2-TR2

3 USB Fast common mode choke WURTH 744232090

4,5 Resistor 47Kohm + capacitor 33nF 1206 As you want!

6 Quartz 4,000 MHz X4M000000S013

7,8 Optocouplers HCPL 0500-000E

9,10,11 Optocouplers HCPL 063N-000E

12 Resistor 10kohm 0603 As you want!

13 3 pts connector HIROSE RP34L-5R-3PD(71)

14 22,0 eH choke 1210 ELJFA220JF

15 ESD suppressors EATON 0603ESDA2-TR2

16 CAN common mode choke filter TDK ZJYS51R5-2PT-01

17 Varistor LITTLEFUSE V18ZA40P

18 22 pts Connector HIROSE DF11CZ-22DP-2V(27)

19,20 Zener diode 13V SOD 323 UDZSTE-1713B

21,22,23,24 ESD suppressors EATON 0603ESDA2-TR2

For 1,2 most adapted ESD suppressors : Wurth Ref:82306050029 but not same

design of original interface!

Other reference to Change your interface to make it equivalent to an original:

Microprocessor PCB:


Microprocessor access connector: MINITEK 55510-112TRLF or SAMTEC TLE-106-01-G-DV-K-TR