How to rework cloned Lexia 3 as the original


Here’s a post for the purists of the PSA XS EVOLUTION ACTIA interface (also called Lexia 3 cable)!

Edit your Lexia 3 interface to make it equivalent to an original.

I do not will detail all the references of the components to be mounted on a clone or replace
(resistors, capacitors and other IC), many of them are already known (full topic on
French forum …) or easily identifiable with the “Marking code”.

Let’s start with the photos of a clone interface “made in china” to correct quality welds and
good components placement. Interface that is not a “FULL CHIPs”, as you can see.

Circled in red, the locations to be equipped or components that are replaced:

Microprocessor PCB:

Relay PCB:

After an order with RS and Mouser:

We start by removing components “non-original” and clean (Lead free flux remover) PCB, and we get this:

we put in place new components then are welded

Once all components are in place and the two new PCB cleaned by LFFR, here’s what we get:

Little comparison:

Microprocessor PCB:




Relay PCB:




The rendering is fairly obvious, but it’s even more impressive on a good quality “FULL CHIPS”, without printing !!!

Small technical explanation of the three components of the USB input of the microprocessor PCB; replaced on the clone interface of Chinese by capacitors and
0 ohm resistors:
In practice, it protects the USB input following this scheme:
with a fast common mode choke USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 associated with two TVS diodes for electrostatic discharge deletions.

If it’s difficult for you, go for a HQ Lexia 3 cable:

Good change …Enjoy!!!!!

Attachment: List components reference

Ne emplacement Designation Reference

1,2 ESD suppressors EATON (14-30Vdc) 0603ESDA2-TR2

3 USB Fast common mode choke WURTH 744232090

4,5 Resistor 47Kohm + capacitor 33nF 1206 As you want!

6 Quartz 4,000 MHz X4M000000S013

7,8 Optocouplers HCPL 0500-000E

9,10,11 Optocouplers HCPL 063N-000E

12 Resistor 10kohm 0603 As you want!

13 3 pts connector HIROSE RP34L-5R-3PD(71)

14 22,0 eH choke 1210 ELJFA220JF

15 ESD suppressors EATON 0603ESDA2-TR2

16 CAN common mode choke filter TDK ZJYS51R5-2PT-01

17 Varistor LITTLEFUSE V18ZA40P

18 22 pts Connector HIROSE DF11CZ-22DP-2V(27)

19,20 Zener diode 13V SOD 323 UDZSTE-1713B

21,22,23,24 ESD suppressors EATON 0603ESDA2-TR2

For 1,2 most adapted ESD suppressors : Wurth Ref:82306050029 but not same

design of original interface!

Other reference to Change your interface to make it equivalent to an original:

Microprocessor PCB:


Microprocessor access connector: MINITEK 55510-112TRLF or SAMTEC TLE-106-01-G-DV-K-TR