How to install Diagbox 9.12 for Lexia 3 cable

Diagbox will be updated to version 9.12 from 8.55 update. Here, you’ll be told how to install PSA Diagbox 9.12 to make it work with Lexia 3 interface for new cars.

Step 1: Diagbox V9 download free:

Beforehand, plug your computer to the mains power supply and check that you have an internet connection. è

DiagBox will remain usable at the same time as the download of the installer (may take some time depending on your internet bandwidth).


Note: If you try to download Diagbox again, you will see the following error message

Step 2: Once the Digagbox download is complete, return to the desktop, double-click on the file named « DiagBox_setup_V09.12.exe »

First, close DiagBox, plug your computer to the mains power supply, check that you have an internet connection.

Select your language if necessary in the first step. After that, an intermediate validation message is displayed. Click on “Install” button:

Please wait until the end of the installation. About 30 min to perform all installations.

Depending on the options subscribed, after the activation procedure using your RRDI code, more steps will be necessary.

Note: Diagbox activation error 0:

Diagbox Error “0” is due to no network card detected.

You must activate the network card ; that is, you have to disconnect the wifi then connect the internet cable of your box rj45 to the computer then you will be able to activate diagbox (to be activated diagarious of scari01 a besoing of a connection to the computer by cable network no wifi) A faith activate you will be able to finish the installation is possible to use diagbox even without

To avoid Diagbox software activation error and Windows XP installation issues, you’d better spend a bit on  a crack versionDiagbox 7.76, cost €8 only. Installed on XP system and works good.

To complete DiagBox set-up, please restart your DiagBox.

Version 8.55 marks the end of DiagBox versions 8, it is imperative to make this update branch 9 to benefit from the corrections and new vehicles and tool.