What I always do in Volvo VIDA 2014D?

What I always do in Volvo VIDA (technically speaking, you are seeking a tutorial on VIDA (software), DiCE is just the hardware) are as follows:

Dice VIDA 2014D

– Get to Vehicle Profile tab. Read the vehicle. I think I always have to plug in a couple of extra fields like Body Style (w SR (sunroof)) and Partner Group (AME which includes USA)

– To clear codes, go to Diagnostics->Fault Tracing. Note the Erase All button at bottom left. Found this pic for you

– To see various sensor values and subsystem info. Go to Vehicle Communications and click on the subsystem of interest in the car diagram

– For ETM test, Go to Vehicle Communications, click on ETM. I believe ETM test is under Advanced. Follow the directions when you get there. Here is a pic but the ETM test window blocks the view on where the test is located under.

– If you want to trigger your transmission adaptation. I think it is under Vehicle Communications. Click on TCM. Probably under Activations. This one has a few steps to activate it (don’t recall off hand) so might be trickier for you. After activating, adaptation won’t start until tranny fluid warms up which can take several minutes of driving.

VIDA will constantly pop up some kind of login window (WSL login? can’t remember. I’m guessing this is to confirm the tool is used by registered users with a subscription. Just kill this window. Its only an annoyance.

Hope this helps.

Found all these in google, and google images have a lot. And you get to read tips of Vida if you get bored

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