Some Questions Lexia 3 Diagbox

Hi friends. I need help from experienced forum users. I am planning to buy Lexia 3 Cable in order to use Diagbox on my 208. I have some related questions about diagbox and lexia 3.

1) There are many kinds of Lexia kits on the market, starting from $50. Some sellers say that they sell full chip version but they can not explain what is the difference between regular clones and full chip clones. Can anyone who has detailed information about clone Lexia 3 kits explain pros and cons of having regular or full chip clone Lexia 3 cables?

2) After buying the cable, I want to use Diagbox for two purposes:

One of them is to enable Cornering Illumination of the fog lamps. I have ESP installed on my car and thats how I am sure there is a steering wheel angle detector which is also used for cornering illumination. Some models of 208 does support this feature but mine doesn’t. Dealers in Turkey have no information about turning features on and off by Diagbox so I am alone on my own. I think it is possible to turn on this feature by Diagbox.

My second purpose is to activate window lift by remote control. My car lifts up, closes the windows when I long press the lock button, this is OK; but does not open them when I long press the unlock button. It is useful for the hot days when you want to let some fresh air into car from a distance before getting on. I saw many Peugeots and 208s which can do this second action and I think this is also possible by configuring via Diagbox.

I am open to the opinions about these purposes, any help will be welcomed. Thank you in advance!

Reply 1:

Well, i have lexia cable with Lexia/PP2000/Diagbox updated version 7.57.

  1. The difference between the regular and full chip lexia cable is that the full chipone (my site: has a better quality/performance/connection and will do Pug 307. The regular one cannot work on Pug 307, at least some. No big difference. But majority will choose full chip one in case of connection issue.
  2. If your car has the option, it will. There’s a specific menu option in Lexia/Diagbox somewhere to turn them on. I can’t think of the name of the menu off the top of my head, but also in that menu is the option to enable the USB box, trailer options, hands free device etc. I’m pretty sure it’s an option of the very first menu in Lexia.
  3. Daigbox will activate windows remote control as well as some other features, i.e activate cruise control, Daytime Running Light…

Reply 2:

When I bought my original Lexia, it was a RevA or B chip in the interface. This was ok for a 206 or 207, but not my DS3 (2011 version). I needed to buy a RevC interface and once I did that, it was able to communicate with the DS3.

I think sometime in 2009 PSA changed the interface, so if you have a post 2009 car, you need the RevC device – which some sellers refer to as the “full chip” set and not a clone. Some of the RevB models were able to be reflashed as RevC (for a fee) but it’s better to buy a proper one.

Anyway, AFAIK there are still other limitations, such as WinXP or Win7 (32bit) operating system for the Diagbox software. Some are now claiming it runs on a 32bit version of Win8, but it doesn’t seem to run on any 64bit Win versions.

I bought my second device off, and it works fine on my 208, but they are certainly not the cheapest seller.