How to install PSA Diagbox 7.76 Windows 10

DiagBox Windows 10 « Redstone » 32 bit confirmed:

I have just successfully finished installing DiagBox v7.76 on Windows 10 x86 (OS Build 11082.1000) for fun, and it works…provided that:

1- Hard Disk Controller is set to IDE/Legacy (not AHCI or SCSI),
2- Partition type is MBR (not GPT),
3- .NET 3.5 is installed,
4- Run DiagBox as Administrator..

In details… 4 points what you need to consider :

1- You are probably installing (Windows 10) as GPT, you may need to change to MBR, so that you can use IDE (Legacy) hard disk controller, else you will get the dreaded error 0.. Changing from (AHCI) to IDE may impose speed penalty; depending on your hardware..

Controller/Mode types:
• IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) is the older HDD 40/44/80 pin parallel ATA interface drive. Setting this mode in the BIOS allows the newer SATA drive to emulate an old Parallel ATA drive (Suitable for Windows XP which did not support SATA at that time).
• AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) supports newer faster and larger drives and has the NCQ (Native Command Queuing) extension, which allows hard disk drives to internally optimize read and write commands execution.

Partition types:
• MBR (Master Boot Record) cannot address more than 2.2TB drives and is limited to 4 primary partitions max.
• GPT (GUID Partition Table) supports partitions of more than 2TB.

Installing DiagBox on Windows where the BIOS is set to AHCI (for better SATA drive utilization) usually fails giving error 0. But it installs and runs on hard disks configured as IDE.

If your BIOS is set to AHCI and windows is installed on a GPT partition, Windows 10 will NOT boot (but Linux will) when you change the BIOS setting to IDE. So in order to boot Windows 10 with the BIOS set to IDE, the partition type needs to be changed to MBR first, then you set the BIOS to IDE or Legacy before installing DiagBox.

However, I have changed the type of Disk on my Windows 10 from IDE to SATA, and my DiagBox current installation still works, see attached photo !!!…

The best and easiest way is to add the other controller type and boot into Windows so that the drivers are loaded and Windows can boot either way before changing from one type to the other.

2- You need to install .NET 3.5 if you want to install DiagBox v7.66 or above. I also had Firefox installed.

3- You (may) need to plug-in the Lexia 3 interface and install the drivers « ACTIAPnPInstaller.exe » before installing DiagBox v7.01 to ensure the multyinstance driver is installed.

4- You need to run DiagBox as administrator or in XP compatibility mode for v7.74 and above. Otherwise you will get a message to reactivate.

DiagBox v7.76 is the latest and « may be » the last from Actia while moving to v8.xx. I don’t think any further development is expected for v7.xx, they are unlikely to support a « sunset » product, the release of the new « A.1281 Z » interface could be an indication!!