How to lower PSA Lexia resolution to 1024×600 on Windows 7

Share the configuration files changes to lower the resolution of PSA Lexia to 1024×600:

Go to :\APP\LEXIA\EXE\ecran.ini
Change hauteur_ecran to 600

I confirmed that this does indeed work.

Today I installed Diagbox V7.06 on a Samsung NC110 netbook borrowed from work (1.5Ghz atom, 2GB ram) and it has a 1024×600 screen, with the modification above the Lexia app works perfectly and is fully readable, the only thing is on some of the parameters measurement screens you have to scroll to see the last row but that’s a minor issue, as the Lexia app does seem to support UI scaling and scrolling once it’s been told what resolution to scale to! Diagbox and PP2000 don’t seem to need any changes to work correctly on 1024×600.

Also of interest is that the notebook is running Windows 7 professional 32 bit and Diagbox/Lexia installed perfectly and apart from the resolution tweak I didn’t do anything special to get it to work, so Lexia DOES work properly in 32 bit Windows 7, at least on certain machines.  I’ve run several diagnostic sessions on the Xantia to test it.

I used the Diagbox 7.02 installer and 7.02 to 7.06 updater from scarymistake, installed by mounting the iso image using MagicDisc 2.7. (Since the notebook has no DVD drive)

Considering its only an atom and has the extra overhead of Windows 7, whilst taking a bit longer that my other laptop to load Diagbox once Lexia is launched its not really any slower and is perfectly usable.

Compared to our Dell laptop the notebook is far more convenient – smaller and lighter, twice the battery life (6 hours compared to 2.5) and it has a VERY bright screen when turned up which is easy to read in sunlight unlike the Dell which can barely be read outdoors let alone in direct sunlight…

So if someone is looking for a cheap but very usable notebook for a dedicated Lexia machine I can recommend the Samsung NC110… the only thing to watch out for is that this one is the 2GB version, a lot of the NC110 I’ve seen on ebay only have 1GB of ram which may not be sufficient to run Diagbox software under Windows 7.