Renault CAN CLIP Program Laguna PH2 key card

An owner with original Renault CAN CLIP  has succeeded in programming new keys for his Laguna PH2, and shares his experience here.

You need:

The new key and other keys need to be operable

A running PC with Windows XP or WIN 7

Original Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic tool


Renault Laguna PH2

Key programming procedure:

Connect Renault CAN CLIP device to the car and laptop

Turn on ignition with a working key card

Start up the CLIP program

Go to the UCH section to continue

Enter configuration mode

Choose encoding/ reading

Select SC003 spare/ reserve

Enter 5938 followed by enter when prompted for a code

Write down the ISK code

Need bytes from 18 to 23; some cars do require up to byte 24

Top bar: Byte ID

Lower bar: the actual Byte Value

So the ISK code is 48FDA395AFC5

Open Renault PIN Extractor

Go to the ISK tab

Select the car and enter ISK code you get just now


Copy the calculated PIN code

Back to CLIP

Go to secured encoding/ reading

Choose encode cards

Remove the card from the car slot to continue

Present all card one at a time that need to operate the car with

Just follow the screen commands

The new card cannot recognized by the car yet

follow the screen commands

Receive an outcode

Write it down to calculate another code with Renault PIN Extractor

Back to Renault PIN Extractor

Go to the CLIP tab

Enter the outcode and enter VIN N

The vin is at the bottom of the screen

Paste the pin code copied earlier (in ISK tab) and press Calculate

Copy the calculated incode to paste in CAN CLIP

Present the cards again one by one and follow the screen instruction

Enjoy the new key card

Remove the card and let the PC write all data away

RF sync should be OK



Key programming only via ORIGINAL can clip diagnostic tool

For clone Renault CAN CLIP, you can

get all the information relating to the vehicle

know the function you want to use:- computer test

– automatic test of all computers

– reprogramming

– airbag test

– scan tool (OBD tests)

– Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)

– physical measurements

– antipollution

– multi-meter