How to use FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 (run time error)

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How to use FNR Key Prog 4-in-1

How to solve “run time error”?

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How to solve “run time error”:

Q: Hi, as that, I go to you because I need help to install correctly FNR Key Prog 4-in-1, bought in china.

I have followed all the installation instructions correctly, and at the end of the installation program does not work properly, the icon TRUECODE.EXE does not work, whenever I try to open that application, jump an error window, more I put below the image of the error.

Buy a unit, and gave back it thinking it was faulty, I have now bought a new, and makes the same mistake.

in the video installation that brings the cd, where the installation, is displayed when installing the usb patch doongle (min 2:02 video), inside folder et199-hih, you can see the following files: Hid.dll, a .txt file, and other files win.reg, since on the installation cd that brings, the file Win.regIt does not come, and I’m afraid that that may be the error.

If you want I can hang the installation files so that you dig a look, and add the URL of the video.

Do you know what happen and how to solve? thank you.

A: The solution to your problem is to install Windows XP directly on C:\

Probably you have it now installed on partition letter other then C

Have to setup the usb com port (com4) to com12

How to install FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 Key Prog for Nissan Ford Renault:

1.Open the “ford install” folder,install the application “fordupdate1.1.1″

2.Copy the files in the folder “ford crack” to the directory of “TrueCode”.

3.Copy “FORD CODE CALCULATOR” and “Renault nissan” to the directory of “TrueCode”.

4.Copy the file “hid.dll” from folder “et199-nissan-hid”.

5.Connect the dongle with computer,then install the driver from CD.

In details…

Step 1

Copy all files on the “FNR Key Prog 4-in-1” folder to desktop.


“Renault Nissan” folder,

“Ford” folder,

“Ford Code Calculator” folder,

“USB Driver” folder, “et199-Nissan hid” folder,

“How to install”.txt and video.

Step 2

Open “Ford” folder -> “Ford Install” folder, then run “FordUpdate1.1.1” exe.

Pop up“FordUpdate1.1.1” setup wizard


Choose “I accept…”

then “Next”



Run “TrueCodeSetup323” exe.

Pop up the “TrueCode” setup wizard.


Choose “I accept…”

then “Next”

Uncheck the box “Create a desktop icon”

then “Next”


Uncheck the box “Launch TrueCode”

Click “Finish”.

Step 3

In folder “Ford Crack”, copy all files to C:/Program Files/ TrueCode.

Open “TrueCode Properties” on Desktop

“Find Target”: C:/Program Files/ TrueCode

When it ask whether to replace the existing file? “Yes to all”.

Copy all files from “Ford Code Calculator” folder to C:/Program Files/ TrueCode.

“Yes to all” to replace the existing file.

Same way to copy “Renault Nissan” folder all files.

Step 4

Right click “FordOBD”, choose “Send To” , “Desktop (create shortcut)”

Same way to create: “FORD CODE” and “TureCode” shortcuts.

After that, go to “et199-Nissan hid” folder and copy “hid.dll” file to “TureCode”.

You will see “Found New Hardware” wizard to install software for FT232R USB UART.

Choose “Install form a list…”


“Include this location in the search”

“Browse”: choose “USB Driver” folder.

You will see “Found New Hardware” wizard to install software for USB Serial Port. The same way as the above

Now you successfully install FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 software!

FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 key programmer is ready for Nissan Ford Renault use!