(solved) Lexia 3 Diagbox starts in a small windows

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

I’ll chip in some words of problems and solutions of my Diagbox software for Lexia 3 diagnostic. It starts in a small window on a freshly installed windows 7 32 bit in virtualbox.


installed the Virtualbox Guest Additions…not worked

changed screen resolution…not helped also

Finally solved!

Fresh installed Diagbox software on Windows XP.

The video i followed:

It did work good on Windows XP. I guess the installation is broken.

Another solution might help:

You can position and resize Lexia on the screen to your liking by navigation to:
C:\APP\LEXIA\EXE\ and finding the file: « ecran.ini ».. open it using notepad and under:
position_X =0
position_Y =0
largeur_ecran = 1024
hauteur_ecran = 748

I think it is self explanatory, the X and Y affect positioning on the screen (from top left), and the ones I cant read are the Width and Height in pixels…; Try position_X =200 and position_Y=100, largeur_ecran = 800 and hauteur_ecran = 600