Lexia3 Diagbox Windows 7 install: Yes or No

Diagbox software Windows 7 review:

I try several things and don’t work in WIN7.

Run Windows 7 in XP compatibility mode

Running win 7 in xp mode always works

I prefer and always run XP, so much easier and less problems

l managed to Install and run the DiagBoX on or Virtual PC running XP using a VM Player. Hoverer, this requires installation of XP.

I did a test:

DiagBox Installed on Windows 7 32-bit. Installation DiagBox and drivers to be successful, unfortunately, when you start DiagBox, reported a problem with access to data …
DiagBox Installed on Windows 7 64-bit. DiagBox installation was successful. Drivers could not be installed, even by forced installation of the Control Panel. DiagBox when trying to run, of course, report a problem with access to data …
Unfortunately, you need to stay on DiagBox on Windows XP.

mine wouldn’t work on win7, it needs win xp 32bit,with net framework 3.5 installing first then run the iso image, after the image is done reboot and then run diabox, it will install the stuff it needs, if it asks to check for updates click no (red cross) close it down and install the updates in turn each time rebooting and restarting the diagbox before the next update, let it auto install the updates, there is a file which need replacing after every update (cant remember off top of my head at moment)

So, based on Diagbox reviews, you’re advised to run Diagbox software on Windows XP or Windows 7 in XP mode.

Here is a video of Diagbox 7.76 Windows XP installation:

Source: http://www.obd2france.com/wholesale/lexia-3-pp2000-citroen-peugeot-diagnostic-interface.html

Step-by-step how-to guides, please go to http://blog.obd2france.com/2016/05/04/how-to-install-lexia-3-diagbox-7-76-on-windows-xp/

But if you wanna have a try Diagbox on Windows 7, here are some customer solutions for you also. Please try on your own risk. Good luck.

Diagbox Windows 7… here you go.

Solution 1:

you need to Disable UAC for Windows 7:

Open Control Panel

Go to User Accounts and Family Safety

Go to User Account

Go to Change User Account Control Settings

Chose when to be notified about changes to your computer –

Press OK ,

Load Diagbox , or read below first.


To turn off warnings about UAC

Go to control Panel

Go to System and Security

Go to Action Centre

Press change Action Centre Settings

De-Select UAC

Press OK

Now Load Diagbox

Solution 2:

You need only ‘patch 5.02’. I didn’t start patch 5.25, and DiagBox works well.

And tell me I’m wrong (and I hope not) – I had installed DiagBox V6.01 on Windows 7 x64. Installed without a problem, also starts without a problem. Moment of truth was to connect the PSA XS Evolution into a USB port… he found and installed the drivers.
Could ACTIA did surprise and created a 64-bit drivers, as well as possible the functioning of DiagBox on Windows 7 x64 (probably also on Windows 7 x86)?

You can see if it works you on Windows 7 x86.

I have not had occasion to check the interface in the car (Peugeot 407), but I’ll do it for a few days.

I did a little test. DiagBox, from DiagBox, is working properly.
Unfortunately you can’t run Peugeot Planet 2000, from DiagBox – PP2000 is not responding.