Free download Renault CAN CLIP 170 software (08.2017)

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

(08/17/2017) Renault CAN CLIP 170 diagnostic software download on Mega:!VDxFRAZQ.

key: !a94JfYiSSSwL4HGwmCfpmK4u5_l377wEJKQVczCdiZ8

Credits to the contributor! Thanks!


Renault CAN CLIP 169 software…. SAFE!


Great write-up better read:


Part 1: How to choose CANCLIP interface:

Renault can clip with BLUE board: Forget it!

Renault can clip with YELLOW board: Programming YES!

Renault can clip with GREEN board: 1:1 clone of the original


Part 2: Renault CAN CLIP windows 7 installation

How to install Renault CLIP windows 7 windows xp:

Renault CAN CLIP windows 8….need luck

Renault CAN CLIP windows 10….need luck


Part 3: Renault CAN CLIP reprogramming

What is Renault ecu reprogramming & how to do it:

Part 4: Renault CANCLIP 170 interface test report: windows 7 32 bit no issues
SP19-A: 1:1 clone of the original