Renault CAN CLIP Warning: Forget the Blue PCB!!!

Outils de diagnostic de voitures

I wanna write something here to warn you all if you wish a working Renault CAN CLIP. Hope you’re reading it before your purchase.

I bought Renault Clip interface but i cannot get it to work. Here is the blue PCB which is same as my interface


I’ve tried to install CLIP v145 and v160. V145 in Windows 7 32bit ad V160 in Windows XP 32bit SP3. I can install and activate clip but then there is problem.
Here is what i posted in the forum and answers by folks (BIG THANKS).

Again, WARNING: Forget the Blue PCB Renault Clip interface!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only one « generic usb host » appear to device manager when i put usb cable to pc. Supposed be 1B-Alliance Vehicle Communication Interface???? 

No, just because you don’t have put 12Vdc on OBD connector and so on interface… It isn’t not the same PCBs for alliance clone interface (in clip box)

If clip is connected to car and i put usb to pc then i see also one CAN and one ISO device in device manager. It supposed show four (Two CAN and two ISO)???? YES, you must have 4 drivers installed in the device manager, Also green leds lights up for a while. OK it’s normal.

V145 Clip tries update firmware and stuck in 20%. V160 doest find interface at all.

Can somebody help? What this pcb supposed show in device manager and which is « right » clip software version for this? All versions of Clip must be worked with your interface …

Last time when i tried it installed all four drivers, last when i opened clip software. But still stuck 20% in update. Now ISO led in interface doesnt light up anymore. May be an hardware problem …

Both pcb an2131 has two legs soldered together, is it ok? YES , shortcut on two pins on each AN2131 is normal …

The last,

You can retry installation with an older version like V136… but in my opinion you have an hardware problem on your clip.

This PCB with AN2131 are not a good PCB, prefer Renault CAN CLIP with green PCB with AN2135/6SC Cypress same as on original Clip interface.

Original Renault CAN CLIP diagnostic tool:

original-renualt-can-clip-pcb renault-can-clip-an2135sc-chip renault-can-clip-an2135sc-pcb-1 renault-can-clip-an2135sc-pcb-2

HQ Renault CAN CLIP with AN2135/6SC Cypress: 1:1 clone of the original


The new chip AN2135SC/AN2136SC solved communication issues of old CLIP versions