How to use LEXIA 3 for Citroen Berlingo 2

This is a step-by-step manual of “How to use lexia 3 citroen” for those who need to set their ECU configuration if it has been lost. This is only necessary if it’s blank, no need to touch it otherwise.

Here, i will show how to use Lexia to get to the engine ECU of Citroen berlingo 2. you can also use this code to scan for fault codes or to read live data.

Select a vehicle: Citroen berlingo 2

Select the diagnostic application: LEXIA

When using LEXIA, the PRO number is 5 digits long;

When using PP2000, the PRO number is 4 digits long.

The codes can be found on the label on the door

Enter the vehicle info


Diagnosis, then Global test

The global test scans all systems in the vehicle such as the BSI, ABS, Air bag, engine ECU.

Wait for a few minutes for the Global Test to complete

Do not interrupt the scan


Diesel engine


2.0 HDI 90 – BOSCH EDC15C2

2.0 HDI 90 – SIENMENS SID801

2.0 HDI 110 – BOSCH EDC15C2

2.0 HDI 136 – SIEMENS SID803

1.6 HDI up to 2010 – BOSCH EDC16

Switch off the ignition and switch it on again

Initialisation of the diaglogue with the ECU, in progress…

Warning: do not disconnect the injectors when the engine is running

This may damage the engine

You can read / erase fault codes and also view live data

Now, i will show you how to see the ECU configuration

This is only required if it has been lost or the ECU has been damaged

Configuration, then Manual configuration

After configuration operation, switch off the ignition for 15 seconds

Start the engine

Switch on the ignition again for 15 seconds

(after the configuration operation, configure the calibration identification reference)

To update the configuration, hit F1, then follow the prompts on the screen.