How to program Renault Master key easily by FNR key Prog?

This blog will show you how to program a new Renault Master key by  FNR key Prog and Renault true code! €46.99 FNR key Prog 4-in-1 can program key NOT ONLY for Renault, but Ford Nissan!

FNR key Prog Renault key programming steps for Renault Master 2012

Connect FNR key Prog with Renault Master OBD2 port then open FNR key Prog 4-in-1 software.

True code for Renault

Select car model: Master (2008-2013)

Click « Connect to selected vehicle » button.

Follow the software tips, turn on Renault Master hazard light switch. Click « OK ».

Make sure car ignition off and key is removed. Click « OK ».

Now FNR key Prog will read out programmed key number, key ID and also Renault Master pin code.

Click « Start Program » button to start key programming.

Follow the instruction: insert the new key you want to program, turn car ignition on then click « OK ».

Turn ignition off.

Message will show « Do you want to program more keys », click « NO ».

Now FNR key Prog successfully add a new key for Renault Master 2012!

You will see « Procedure successful »!