How to unlock Renault Koleos PCF7941 key card by VVDI PROG?

Do you know it’s easy to unlock a used Renault Koleos PCF7941 key card by VVDI PROG Programmer? You can renew an old locked key to a new blank. Need a special adapter PCF79XX adapter for VVDI PROG.

In this case, it’s Renault Koleos 4-button key card with PCF7941 chip

VVDI PROG PCF7941 Unlock Steps:

Step 1

Put the PCF79XX adapter on VVDI PROG properly.

Connect the PCF7941 chip with PCF79XX adapter according to below diagram.

VVDI PROG PCF79XX adapter wiring diagram for PCF7941 chip

Step 2

Open VVDI PTROG Software V4.5.8.

First select Type: 2-MCU, Brand: NXP-PCF-79XX, Chip: PCF7941 to read EEPROM bin file.

Now the key status is still “Locked”.

Click “Reset Protect” button and “Yes” to erase the original PCF7941 chip data.

Click “Write” to write EEPROM bin file.

Step 3

Click “EPROM” tab then open erom_vvdi.bin file.

Click “Write” after that click “Set Protect” button.

Now VVDI PROG successfully unlock PCF7941 key chip for Renault Koleos!

Key status is “Unlocked”!