Renault key programming tools, CAN Clip or FNR Key Prog?

This blog will answer the question: Choose which tool to program Renault key card? Can I use Renault Can Clip? What about FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 for Nissan Ford Renault?

Renault key programmer option 1: Renault can clip diagnostic interface

Reason in a word: Not only diagnose Renault cars but program Renault key OK!

If you need both diagnostics and key programming functions, Can Clip with reasonable price will be your best choice!
There are 2 different kinds of Can Clip Renault available:

Renault can clip diagnostic tool (Cheap and popular) €89

Renault can clip Full chip with AN2135SC AN2136SC (A quality) €145

Renault key programmer option 2: FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 for Nissan Ford Renault

Reason in a word: FNR Key Prog is a useful and cheap key programmer for Renault, Nissan and Ford, so with it you can save key programmer cost for other two brands. Cost effective!

€46.99 FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 = Ford Key Prog+ Renault Key Prog+ Nissan Key Prog+ Ford Incode Calculator

FNR Key Prog support Renault car models:

Clio II

Laguna Ph1/Ph2

Espace Ph1/Ph2

Velsatis II Ph1/Ph2

Megane II Scenic II (<2007)

Kangoo Ph2


Master Ph1/Ph2



Trafic II



MeganeII ScenicII (>2007)

Choose Renault Can Clip or FNR Key Prog to program Renault card key?

Actually, both them are good choices!

If you also need to diagnose Renault cars in daily work, Renault can clip will be better.

If you want a professional key programmer for some car brands including Renault, FNR Key Prog is a cheap good choice.