Renault Trafic EDC16CP33 Read/Write by FGTech Galletto STEPS

Here is a guide to show you: How use FGTech Galletto 4 V54 or VD300 FGTech Galletto to read and write EDC16CP33 ECU Renault Trafic? Check step by step as below:

Step 1: Open Renault ECU BOSCH EDC16CP33 carefully and you can see ECU PCB like this:

Note: Before open ECU, it will be good to also read the injector codes by the Renault Can Clip.

You will probably need to rewrite them after writing if you have changed the computation to make a clone.

Locate the place where the read and write will be done as the above picture show.

And connect the pins with 12V power supply by two power cables and BOSCH BDM connector.

Step 2: DO NOT FORGET TO ALSO SUPPLY THE GALLETTO (or VD300) HOUSING, preferably with another stable transformer.

Connect FGTech V54 with laptop.

Or VD300 FGTech Galletto 4 V54 with laptop then all preparations OK!

Step 3: Open FGTech Galletto 4 software. The voltage is 10.8V now.

First, click “Select Driver” to select the right driver and mode as below: BDM/JTAG MODE, BDM MPC, MPC 55X/56X.

Next, click “Connect” and it will show ECU data.

Choose “EDC16CP33” then just click “Read All”, FGTech Galletto will start read EDC16CP33 through BDM!

Wait it complete 100%. You will get three files: 1. full dump EEPROM + flash; 2. EEPROM dump; 3. Flash dump.

Then click “Write All” and FGTech Galletto will write EDC16CP33 OK!