How use KESS V2 2.32 to read write Renault Sandero EMS3120?

Good news for sharing: 1. KESS V2 clone Ksuite 2.32 now is available! 2. Newly tested OK to read 2014 Renault Dacia Sandero SIEMENS EMS3120 ECU by KESS V2 2.32!

KESS V2 2.32 read 2014 Renault Sandero EMS3120 steps:

Connect KESS V2 2.32 FW 4.036 with car via OBD2 port.

Open K-suite 2.32 software and click the car icon to start.

Choose car manufacturer “Renault”, car model “Sandero” and car year and ECU type “2014 EMS3120”.

Click “OK” to continue.

Then just click “Read” button KESS V2 starts to read EMS3120 ECU.

It may costs 3 to 4 minutes and ECU reading complete.

After save the bin file, follow the tip to connect car with a stable battery charger then click “Write”.

Wait KESS V2 2.32 write EMS3120 ECU complete to 100%.